JG Consult 2000 & trading Ltd. is the european divison for CFG group China/Hongkong who is a group of companies headquartered in China with versatile business portfolio.

We are stationed in Frankfurt/Germany and resposible for a part of their product selling lines which we show below and in our websites. The products we are engaged in over the years are very different to each other because we want to be flexible in our product range and follow the demand of the market.

Apart from this we are doing marketing, trading & sourcing as well we are also resposible in our group for developing new product ideas.

Our market is globally so all our products are able to be shipped in containers worldwide. Our main aim is to design and sell most of the products we are offering on DIY (do it yourself) basis as building Kits instead of already completely finished products so that customers can finish them on site according to their individual demand.

We can supply some of our products on OEM basis as well as customized single products.




click on the picture and you´ll directed to the specific product website


DIY room modules & prefabricated minihomes

DIY & prefab bathroom modules

DIY tiny mobile homes buildingkits

family apartment blocks & houses, expadable houses

DIY floating houses buildingkits

DIY floats- & pontoon building Kits

Houseboat buildingkits

Houseboat-Floatinhouse combi design kit

floating snackbar buildingkit


inflatable houseboat kit

special houseboat design for channel cruising & liviing

high quality container apartment for sigles & couples

DIY warehouse- & workshop buildingkits

high temperature overhead gasgrill kit

solar & batterie camping & outdoor lanterns & flashlights

nautic souvenir lighthouse lanterns

compact freshwater puriyier

promotion carts 



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